New generation recruiting agency

The Agency by Workland is a non-traditional staffing agency that specializes in rendering personalized headhunting and recruitment services, for companies wishing to outsource the hiring and job marketing process for one, several or all of their jobs.

The Agency offers a truly unique approach combining digital marketing, recruitment technology, experienced recruiters and outstanding customer service. Workland’s new recruitment TRIAD is an innovative, all-inclusive approach that provides companies with all the tools & resources needed to succeed in the era of Recruitment 5.0.

No matter your hiring challenge, Workland can help you find the talent you are looking for, faster!

Digital marketing & employer branding

Digital & social media have drastically changed the way we recruit, presenting both challenges and opportunities. With over 20 years of experience in HR marketing & branding, Workland helps companies execute high impact digital campaigns and fully leverage the full power of digital & social media for recruitment.

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Personalized recruitment technology

As part of its all-inclusive approach, Workland designs & activates recruitment portals, personalized to each employer brand. ATLAS allows its recruiters to deploy targeted & agile digital recruitment campaigns for its client’s jobs and makes the candidate experience easy & simple. Workland’s agile marketing portals can be used as you company’s central recruitment technology or act in parallel to your existing systems to address specific challenges.

Powered by technology

Recruitment team on demand

For companies looking to off-load the pressure related to hiring in an increasingly complex environment, Workland can quickly activate a complete recruitment team of experts, on demand. Team members will be assigned to your positions and the number will fluctuate in line with your HR needs, allowing you to quickly access the expertise you need, without having to hire.

We work hard to improve target the good candidates

How does it work?

First we take time to get to know your company and the positions you are looking to fill. We do your employer value proposition, launch advertising campaigns for your jobs using our technology and make targeted direct approaches to passive candidates. We promote everything that’s great about you & your jobs and qualify the best candidates with all your criteria. We present to you the superstars and we don’t stop until… You hire!

Strategic recruitment outsourcing

For who?

The Agency’s services are ideal for companies who are having difficulty finding the talent they need and wish to turn towards strategic recruitment outsourcing. No matter the type of challenge companies face, Workland can help ensure business continuity by finding the best resources, faster through its unique TRIAD approach. It’s not about simply filling positions, it’s about putting the right people in the right chairs, to maximize retention.

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Product benefits

Benefit 1: Powered by technology

The Agency uses ATLAS technology to carry out its recruitment activities. The synergy between high-performance technology and human intervention enables a much more effective approach that meets high quality standards.

Benefit 2: Local and international recruitment

The Agency is able to execute recruitment mandates both locally and internationally and provide you with turn-key legal assistance if required.

Benefit 3: Guaranteed turnkey services

Under the agency mode, Workland takes charge of the entire recruitment process, from posting to hiring. You will not take any risks with our guarantee of delivering results in line with your requirements and our replacement clause for each candidate hired.

Benefit 4: Client portal access

All Agency clients receive priority access to an online recruitment portal allowing them to see in real time the progress of ongoing recruitment mandates.

Benefit 5: Digital marketing campaigns

The Agency’s digital campaigns aim to promote and showcase organizations and their positions, in order to maximize the number of applicants and the conversion rate of passive candidates.

Satisfied Clients
Years in Business
Perfect matches
With the continued support of Workland, we were able to quickly find & hire over 50 outstanding employees for our new manufacturing plant. We were highly impressed with the quality of results and level of expertise of the team.
Mathieu L. St-Jean, Québec
Workland helped us build our sales team in Montreal, a more challenging market for us in terms of recruitment due to local specificities. The team was always very responsive to our needs and it was a pleasure working with them.
Dustin Ellis, Vancouver, BC
The fact that Workland’s Agency is supported by a recruitment technology makes all the difference in terms of results, as it multiples the reach of their campaigns and efforts.
Pascale N. Montréal, Québec
We allowed Workland to submit one single candidate as part of an executive-level recruitment process we had going on. We ended up hiring this person.
Frantz. S. Québec, Québec

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