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New generation ATS system

ATLAS takes Applicant Tracking to the next level, by providing great candidate, recruiter & manager experience. Falling into the emerging category of Talent Experience Management systems (TXMS), ATLAS allows organizations to showcase the right employer branding and provides recruiters with all of the right tools they need to find top talent.

Best of all worlds

ATLAS offers modern looking interfaces and the agility & innovation offered by some of the smaller, more basic ATS solutions. Also combines the benefits and the depth of features, rigor and security levels found in the larger recruitment systems, but who have a harder time evolving their offering.

From SME to Government

Adaptable to the needs of different industries, types and sizes of organizations, ATLAS is the perfect solution whether there is only 1 person responsible for hiring or a team of 100 recruiters. ATLAS meets all of the rigorous process & security requirements of government entities, while having the agility & simplicity required by small to medium size companies.

Constantly evolving

The system is updated on an on-going basis in order to make sure that clients always remain efficient in a rapidly changing recruitment reality. The innovation pipeline is directly inspired by requests and ideas of customers who wish to actively contribute to the development of the system and by the organizational vision of product development.

Product benefits

Benefit 1: Broad diffusion network

Automatically diffuse your jobs on a vast network of free and premium job sites, aggregators and social media. Candidates that apply will be redirected towards a centralized talent database & quickly analyzed, supported by the right applicant tracking & management features.

Benefit 2: Feature-rich ATS

ATLAS offers a full range of basic functionalities and advanced modules to support the recruitment process end to end. With a road map of relevant innovation projects and the ability to develop custom solutions, you will have all the tools you need to perform, no matter how the world evolves.

Benefit 3: Automated preselection

Avoid wasting time on the wrong candidacies with a customizable pre-screening Chatbot that asks all of the right questions to automatically identify high potentials and rejects non-compliant applications.

Benefit 4: Intelligent research & analysis

The system offers multiple candidate search options including Boolean searches, a tag manager, a CRM and customizable pre-screening questionnaires. You will therefore be able to obtain all of the key information needed to validate compatibility reducing time and energy.

Benefit 5: Customization & integration

ATLAS offers its users maximum flexibility through its ability to easily integrate and connect with other HR systems, including third party services providers, payroll systems & large ERPs. Workland also offers the possibility of developing additional modules for companies looking for an even more tailor-made solution.

Happy Clients
Years in Business


ATLAS really has a lot of features to support recruitment in a growingly complex digital environment. The option we had to customize made the solution really well suited to our needs.
Rafael B. Mississauga, Ontario
Right from the start, we found that the system was well adapted to the needs of the public and government sector. The team is used to working in a regulated environment & continuously develops new features for our sector.
Élizabeth S. Montréal, Québec
Unparalleled customer service, with ongoing support, during and after the implementation. Human support makes all the difference when you implement a new system and have to transform the way you do things.
Josée B. Québec, Québec

Thanks to ATLAS our team of 30+ recruiters was able to stay 100% operational and efficient, even during the pandemic.   We were ready with the right technology to face challenging times.

Antony G. Montréal, Quebec

They trust us