Our History

2011 — A flash of inspiration

The idea of ​​launching a match-based recruitment technology came from a personal experience of the founder who experienced the frustrations and inefficiencies of the job search process. After several months and too many interviews… she decided to dedicate herself to solving this important issue by bringing technology to the rescue of job search and hiring. Founded in 2011, the company had a very clear vision: Reinventing recruitment.


2014 — HR Market innovators

After a few years of development and iterations, Workland launches the first version of its match-making platform. The concept is very similar to a dating site but for work. Candidates love it. Companies are not quite ready for the future… Workland decides to pivot into service mode in order to give the market some time to evolve.


2016 — Official launch of ATLAS

After 2 years of co-development and use of its own technology in the execution of head hunting mandates, Workland gives birth to ATLAS, an advanced and much more complete version of its initial matching system.


2018 — ATLAS V2

After co-developing features and applications with large corporations, the provincial and federal governments and public sector organizations, ATLAS V2 is released. Workland secures its infrastructure and obtains federal government level security clearance.



Workland’s ATLAS technology is a serious contender against the giants of the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) industry. The company continues to provide turnkey recruitment services through its Agency and to develop and adapt its technological offer to the needs of organizations of all sizes, including public and government sectors.


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