Win the war for talent through top level recruitment marketing and make your employer brand and jobs shine

DreamBig marketing is the creative division of Workland that helps organisations build their employer brand, create & deploy great candidate experiences, develop a powerful employer value proposition, draft compelling job descriptions and help identify and execute high impact HR marketing strategies & tactics.


Because the world of recruitment has completely transformed over the last months, organisations can no longer ignore the central role that HR marketing plays in recruitment. Be one step ahead of your talent competitors by adapting to this new reality supported by experts who will help you fast-track the process and ultimately help you find top talent, faster.


Founded by an experienced marketing strategist, DreamBig marketing is the only marketing agency that combines decades of experience in marketing, branding, human resources, HR technologies & recruitment.

As marketing is as much of an art as it is a science and in order to avoid costly mistakes, it is of critical importance to be able to identify & deploy the best strategies & tactics and execute with the right agency partners.

No matter your starting point, we can support you in creating an attractive employer brand & proposition and help you launch high impact campaigns to attract, interest & convert potential candidates into employees!

Our HR Marketing Services

  • Employer branding
  • Design & implementation of candidate experience
  • Creation of landing pages
  • Employer value proposition
  • Annual HR marketing plans
  • Marketing strategies & tactics
  • Execution through agencies 
  • Campaign management
  • ROI tracking & optimization

For who?

Our turn-key marketing services are for any organisation who wishes to harness the great power of HR marketing to find top talent, in the most cost-effective and safe way, by leveraging high level expert advice in marketing, technology & human resources.

Service Benefits

Benefit 1: Unique expertise

Benefit from rare expertise that combines 20+ years of experience in marketing, branding, human resources and recruitment. With long-standing & proven track records of success in all of those fields, you are sure to be a step ahead of your talent competitors!

Benefit 2: Strategy & execution

We are able to assist you both at the strategic & tactical level of your HR marketing projects. Our team will help you identify the best marketing strategies, tactics and assist you in managing campaign execution with the right agencies, to maximize your return.

Benefit 3: Digital & traditional

Leverage the power of both digital marketing and the use of more traditional channels with high impact creative executions, while being guided by experts that will avoid you costly learning curve errors.

Benefit 4: Powered by technology

Your HR systems don’t allow you to implement your marketing strategies effectively? We can quickly get you up and running with recruitment landing pages connected to a frictionless candidate experience, supported by a powerful candidate management system.

Benefit 5: Creativity & innovation

Our innovative, “think outside the box” approach will help you identify creative recruitment strategies & tactics that will break through the online and offline recruitment advertising clutter.

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In just a few hours Julie helped us identify and solve complex marketing issues that we had been dealing with for 8 years, no outside expert had been able to help us until now. It’s really because of her that we are on the right track now!
Sonja BEHMEL, PH.D., CEO Watershed Monitoring
After years of struggling with our marketing projects and non-performing advertising campaigns, Julie came in and finally got us on the right track. Her guidance and experience has allowed us to save hundreds of thousands in advertising spend and increase our ROI significantly by investing in the right media and channels.
Alain Ménard, President Green Beaver

We had no idea how big of a part marketing played in recruitment in today’s world! After helping us set-up our employer value proposition, reviewing our job descriptions and developing & executing our digital campaigns, we started amazing results right away. All other employers around us are complaining while we have never had difficulties recruiting.

Jememie Voyer, Sunset Converting Corp

They trusted us

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