Our Mission

Workland’s mission is to solve recruitment and job search challenges through technology, A.I and human creativity. The ultimate goal is to speed up and facilitate the match between top talent and the right organizations.

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Our vision

Contribute to reinventing the future of recruitment by developing creative, innovative, efficient and evolving recruitment solutions that can quickly adapt to changes brought on by digital transformation.

Work in close collaboration with the government, the public sector and groups of organizations experiencing significant workforce challenges, in order to develop custom technological solutions that can benefit many organizations.


Our values


A few numbers

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ATLAS really has a lot of features to support recruitment in a growingly complex digital environment. The option we had to customize made the solution really well suited to our needs.
Rafael B. Mississauga, Ontario
Right from the start, we found that the system was well adapted to the needs of the public and government sector. The team is used to working in a regulated environment & continuously develops new features for our sector.
Élizabeth S. Montréal, Québec
Unparalleled customer service, with ongoing support, during and after the implementation. Human support makes all the difference when you implement a new system and have to transform the way you do things.
Josée B. Québec, Québec

Thanks to ATLAS our team of 30+ recruiters was able to stay 100% operational and efficient, even during the pandemic.   We were ready with the right technology to face challenging times.

Antony G. Montréal, Quebec

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