A Gift from the Heart, from Me to Me

By Julie Hubert, President and CEO of Workland

A few years ago on February 14th, I woke up, went to work, packed my stuff & walked out the door. As a Valentine’s daygift from me to me, I set myself free from a job I loved, but in a company that could not have been more of a misfit for who I was. On that day, I chose myself over money, over job security, over prestige, over expense accounts and beautiful office furniture. On that day, I chose to do what was right over doing the right thing.

On Valentine’s day, I took all of my courage, my drive and my guts and decided that never again would I force myself to work in conditions where happiness and fulfillment were not part of my everyday life. That I would work for and with people that inspired me daily, in a company that would be aligned with my personality and values, where I could have fun, be myself and do work that I loved.

Was I stressed? Of course! The “Oh my god…I quit my job!!” feeling lasted several months and just like the end of a long-term love relationship, it took some time for me to get over it.  However, instead of focusing on the stress generated by change, uncertainty, the unknown, and the shift in my work-life identity, I decided to focus on finding ways of helping people like me find happiness and fulfillment at work.

Ultimately, you can say that I once went job hunting and decided to hire myself on Valentine’s day. And ever since then, I never, ever looked back.

So on this Valentine’s day, in addition to showing your loved ones that you care, I encourage you to give yourself the gift of taking a couple of minutes to reflect on whether or not you LOVE your job and the work that you do.

Life is too short. Spend it doing something you LOVE in a company you LOVE and you’ll never work a day in your life again…

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

About me: My company Workland has developed an intelligent talent acquisition platform that automates job search & recruitment.  Compatibility between parties is calculated to pre-qualify relationships and evaluate potential fit right from the start. Welcome to the future of recruitment!   

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