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ATLAS is a feature-rich, ATS-type recruitment software that allows companies and groups of organizations to virtualize hiring, using advanced technologies.

The software automates and centralizes the main recruitment processes including, job posting and performance analysis of digital campaigns, social media sourcing, processing and analysis of applications, preselection, psychometric match, communications, interview scheduling and reference checks.

Collaborate Remotely

ATLAS allows for multi-level, multi-site access and centralized interactions between several types of users in different locations and countries.

The system is updated on an on-going basis, in order to make sure that clients always remain efficient in a rapidly changing recruitment reality.

Wide-reach Diffusion
Automatically diffuse your jobs on a vast network of free and premium job sites, aggregators and social media. All candidates that apply will be redirected towards a centralized talent database accessible by the employer or by members of a group of employers.

Recruitment CRM
An integrated recruitment CRM allows you to manage, follow-up and to track your direct approaches to passive and active candidates, in order to convert them into applicants.

Feature-rich ATS
ATLAS offers the performance of the most advanced and recognized systems, while being much more flexible and affordable. The system offers you a full range of features to support your operations and with the ability to do custom development, you will have all the tools you need to perform.

Automation and centralization
Automates and centralizes the main recruitment processes including, job posting, processing and analysis of applications, communications, interview scheduling, references and more.

Automated Preselection
Avoid wasting time on the wrong candidacies with a customizable pre-screening Chatbot that asks all of the right questions to identify high potentials and rejects non-compliant applications.

Psychometric analysis
Obtain psychometric assessments of candidates upstream, in order to validate key personality traits and match with the position and the company, before investing human time.

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