DiverCity, recruit top talent anywhere in the world, without traveling

DiverCity is a digital platform that automates the match between international talent and local employers. DiverCity gives recruiters access to a portal that allows them to diffuse and source internationally for their hard to fill positions. Following confirmation of search criteria, employers will receive automated matches through a technology powered by A.I and access a system that supports remote recruitment.

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How does it work ?

We create your DiverCity account, we activate your diffusion network to connect with newly arrived immigrants and those still in their country of origin. You make your career page, you put your positions online and you will receive candidacies that meet your search criteria from the countries and sources identified.

How does DiveCity HR technology platform work ?

For who?

DiverCity is the perfect solution for employers interested in international recruitment, but who wish to do so at low cost and without having to travel abroad. No need to resort to costly international recruitment missions, the DiverCity platform allows you to take charge of the process remotely through a 100% virtual approach.

Who are the best clients for DiverCity

Product benefits

Benefit 1: Targeted international diffusion

Connect with incoming talent pools entering the country each year, candidates in the process of immigrating to your region or wanting to be sponsored by a local employer.

Benefit 2: Match automation

Matching system that uses intelligent algorithms to automatically analyze the percentage of compatibility between international candidates and employers.

Benefit 3: Powerful ATS

All the features of an advanced ATS to automate and facilitate remote recruitment, including digital campaigns, applicant tracking, interviews, communications and reference checks.

Benefit 4: Synergies & savings

Benefit from group synergies by collaborating with organizations who are also interested in international sourcing, in order to increase the global impact of initiatives. Considerably reduce overall costs by not having to travel abroad to recruit.

Benefit 5: Human support

The Workland team is ready to assist you in the international recruitment process if you wish, whether it is through partial or complete takeover of sourcing. Workland’s immigration law experts can also provide you with legal assistance that will maximize your chances of approval and reduce overall wait time.

Years in Business

In a matter of a few weeks and 100% virtually, Workland helped us find amazing talent in the restaurant industry in the Philippines. We were highly impressed with the quality level of the candidates presented and the team’s professionalism.

Sabrina S. St-Jérôme, Québec

It was our first international recruitment experience and the Workland team supported us all the way through the immigration process, which is complex in the current context. Their technology is very useful to manage the legal diffusion to obtain the LMIA.

Louis G. Hawkesbury, Ontario

Performant technologies not only good for international recruitment, but also to automate the match making process between locally available immigrant talent and companies.

Sebastien S. Montréal, Québec

They trusted us