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Workland is a Montreal-based company specializing in recruitment technologies, solutions and services. Through years of personalized support and co-development of technological solutions in partnership with its clients, Workland has developed expertise in turning recruitment & job search myths into reality.


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A Word From Our President

After much reflection and introspection, a few years ago, I woke up, went to work, packed my stuff & walked out the door. As a Valentine’s day gift from me to me, I set myself free from a job I loved, but in a company and under working conditions…


Workland has 5 values that govern all relationships among employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Values conveyed and reinforced on a daily basis.






Our Vision

Workland was born out of a dream. A dream of a world where recruitment takes 12 days instead of 12 months and where people instantly connect with the right companies, the right jobs at the right time. A world where the best HR technologies and service providers come together with the objective of making perfect matches between job seekers and givers.

Our Mission

Fast-tracking the match making process between the exceptionally talented and the right companies, by looking beyond CVs and job descriptions. Ensuring long-term fit by deeply caring about the needs and the well-being of both sides.

Julie Hubert

President and Founder

Jean Jobin


Nicolas Rodrigue


Zaher Agha

VP-Operations & HR

Loris C. Borin

Director-Business Development

Tudor Mincu

Full Stack Developer 

Yassine Jouadi Workland

Yassine Jouadi

Digital Marketing Director 

Sagar Vetal Workland

Sagar Vetal

Full Stack Developer 

Sebastian Secelean

Project Team Lead & Full Stack Developer 

Amit Sachdeva wORKLAND

Amit Sachdeva

Full Stack Developer 

Natasha Massicotte

Full Stack Developer 

Sabrina Aissou

Talent Acquisition Coordinator 

Mahsa Ghoreishi

Full Stack Developer 

Alexandra Hubert

Administrative Assistant

Vitaly Kharitonov

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Manan Prajapati Workland

Manan Prajapati

Full Stack Developer 

Yuliya Romodina

Full Stack Developer 

Hamed Valiollahi

Full Stack Developer 

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